Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alive and Living in Kabul

Kabul is not bad...well at least the American compound is nice. The living quarters provided are nice though a bit cramped. Somehow the U.S. Government has figured out how to convert shipping containers into living spaces. Just imagine a padded room with white walls and plastic floors adorned with various Persian rugs and mismatched furniture. It is like a college dorm created by the criminally insane. It is going to be an interesting two years.

Not much news today because the Embassy/Mission took the Memorial Holiday today instead of tomorrow. Basically I stomped around the Aid compound, checked some emails, caught up on some jet lag, and watched Armed Forces Network (AFN). AFN is not bad if you like watching "Trading Places" on a continuous loop, ads on how to deal with battle fatigue/stress, and Dari closed captioning. Frank if you are reading this I have two words...Sling Box. I am unable to stream Hulu or other channels because I am outside of the U.S.A. I blame all this digital rights stuff on Lars from Metallica, he could not keep his mouth shut about Napster... what a baby.

Anyways the Blackhawks will be on soon and I want to watch some of the game before heading to bed.

Goodnight everyone.

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