Saturday, May 30, 2009

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf

One week down...only one hundred and three to go :)

This place, despite being totally surreal, is kind of pretty. Every morning is clear and sunny and the backdrop behind the Embassy is a snow-covered mountain. Coming from Illinois, where the Naperville sled hill was the tallest point in the town, I am kind of amazed at the sight. I sometimes wish I was on an adventure trekking through the snow caps, fighting an awesome snow creature. But then I realize the only creatures I would be fighting would have AK-47s and RPGs, so I would probably lose. To add to the surreal-ness, this place is also filled with small Nepalese mercenaries armed to the teeth. All in all this place has some positives and some negatives.

As for the work...well that too is surreal. I manage, I repeat, manage the Information Unit, which has about 5 staff. I can barely manage myself and now I need to manage the work of five other people? I am sure I can do it; it is just new to me. My role in the office is simple: support the data and performance management needs for all the other units at the Mission AND respond to information requests from the Ambassador AND develop a collaborative information tool for Aid, State, and the 101st Airborne.

Furthermore, I am headed on my first field trip up north (no Pops not the UP) to work with the 101st Airborne on information coordination. I am looking forward to the chopper ride up there, but I have no idea what I am doing or what I will say. I am a bullshit artist so I should be able to survive.

Well tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I will be able to escape to the mountains one day and live my adventure. Until then I will need to live vicariously through the Lord of the Rings and Bilbo Baggins.

Pip pip cheerio and all that good stuff.


  1. Mr. Mountain Man:

    Your description of the Nepalese mercenaries was very warm and fuzzy. Personally, I bet Afhgahnistarn, or whatever it's really called, is but a mythical, Club Med type destination that you, you puppetmastering, Joseph Goebbels -type, created deep w/in the recesses of your sick mind. I for one refuse to believe in your mythical mountain paradise - shall we call it the "Eagle's Nest" - and it's mean the way you've manipulated all of those surfish people who believe in it. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself! FYI - the 101st Airborne is the Army. As I recall from my years of GI Joe training, they simply don't have helicopters. If you're gonna invent a group of soldiers to fly you around on "important matters of national security", you better invent the appropriate military branch (e.g the Airforce). I eagerly await your response to my very astute, keen, on-point, relevant, god-like observations. In the meantime, enjoy said Bilbo and said Ring Wraiths. I've been there...I've done that....and that my friend is just about as real as it gets!

    Take care amigo. Miss you (well, yeah).


  2. Brandon, you have away with words. I love your run on sentences. Your god like observations and perceptions are always welcomed. This place is screwed up and it is going to get more interesting as we raise our army to defeat Mordor and the all seeing eye. I miss you too and will keep you in the loop when I come home...most likely in July.