Monday, June 1, 2009

Ok, we have a blog. Now what?

I have been avoiding writing in the blog because I am not exactly sure how to treat it. Should I treat it like a diary, and be frank about how I've been getting along on my own? Or should I take a more journalistic approach, using this space for a record of what I'm up to and objective observations on the large bureaucratic entity to which Nick and I have submitted our lives, avoiding too much discussion about my feelings (or feeeeeeeeeeelings , as Amalah would say)?

Maybe I should dabble in a little of both. Today I think I shall try the journalistic approach:
  • Bureaucracy is no fun. Nick's stuff was packed up on May 20th; it's now June 3rd and apparently his stuff hasn't left DC because the movers haven't received payment from USAID. This is very frustrating.
  • There is still no word from HR on when I might head out, how I go about obtaining all my clearances, the terms of reference for my job, my salary, etc. I think I am having a hard time getting a response because I am not a government employee, and am therefore outside of the system.
  • The World Bank is a strange place to work. I don't think I could do it forever. The work-life balance is difficult.
  • I cannot, for the life of me, find new black dress pants. Misses' pants are too big; pants from the juniors' department are too hoochie. I am down to just two pairs of work pants, which I wear in rotation. This is pathetic and more than a little gross.
  • Spring has finally sprung in DC -- just in time for summer, of course -- and this past weekend was simply glorious. I spent a good chunk of time reading in Logan Circle with my toes in the grass. I made significant progress in finishing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and am now suffering from another round of food-related guilt and wishing I had a yard in which to raise my own vegetables and flock of turkeys. After my experience with reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, you'd think I'd know to stay away from books about the ethics of food and sustainable agriculture.
  • I saw Rent for the umpteenth time on Friday night (thanks Toad!), which is not lame; in fact it makes me awesome. Adam Pascal was sick and during Act 2 kept wiping his nose on his scarf. Then his guitar was out of tune for the big 11 o'clock number. I love live theater.
  • In preparation for my departure, I finally got a pair of glasses, just for back-up. For the past 15 years I have been a contacts-only girl. These glasses will only be used in dire emergencies (not even pink eye counts), and no one except Nick will ever see me in them. Because I look like an idiot in glasses.
  • Life continues on pretty much as it did before Nick left, except there is a lot less mess in the house, each week I barely have enough laundry for a single full load, I am no longer forced to watch Law & Order, and the toilet seat is always down.

So, yay or nay on the journalistic approach?


  1. I love your style. Simple. Elegant. Yuppie (yuppie, I said yuppie). Perfect.

    I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going smoothly for you two. You think your government's totally worth your sacrifice until they don't pay the movers and you're stuck w/ the same three pairs of underwear (BTW - probably not the first time Nick's gone w/ such a limited wardrobe; ALSO, why are underwear considered pairs? All pairs I've ever seen have been single (and sometimes even less than that)).

    I posted a somewhat weird response to Nick's last posting. Hopefully, he's not to hooked on Skype (sp?) to ignore your blog b/c I don't have my own computer (or internet) to communicate with him in that way. If you talk to him, please let me know that I'll be reaching out via this outlet. Thanks!

    Well, I've gotta jet. Keep in touch.


  2. I like the journalism style, but of course feelings are always good!