Sunday, July 12, 2009

Running of the...goats

Well, it has been a while since my last update. During that time I turned 30, put on a few pounds, and have imbibed some Scotch my wife gave me for a wedding gift. By great Odin's beard it is good Scotch and I love it just like I love lamp. Well anyways, here's your update.

My Birthday: Lonely and lonely. However, people at the office were good sports and threw me a nice party, with cake. I have Liz to thank for this because she sent an email to a colleague about the end of my twenties. He, however, felt it necessary to read the email to the entire office during our staff meeting. That night I just drank a bit and had a small pity party.

My stuff: All of the stuff I shipped from DC arrived...and it took me like a week to unpack. The movers used so much packing paper! They wrapped things my football. Seriously, if anything can take a hit it would be a football. Included in my shipments was my huge flat panel monitor, which is awesome but has caused me to go cross-eyed.

Packages: All of the packages that were sent to me for my birthday arrived about a week late. This was kind of nice because it was like a continuation of my birthday. I hung the banner Liz and Pauline made for me and baked the small cake that Liz included in her package. Thank you all for thinking of me...and please send more :)

Forth o' July: Wearing my "Everything is better with bacon" t-shirt, I joined in the Forth o' July celebrations by the pool. My buddy Ben and his fiancee Nomi joined me for the festivities. We ate, we drank, we smoked, we talked, we watched the guys from Top Gun play volleyball, and had a good time. The best part of the festivities was watching the Aussies drink and ask what the hell we were celebrating. After giving them crap about being the descendants of criminals, we told them we were celebrating beating the British to win American independence. Once we told them that we were in their good graces because they hate the Brits too. The British contingent at the celebration were constantly reminded of how America won its independence, and that without America's intervention in WWII they would now be goose-stepping surrender monkeys. All in all a good time was had by all.

Running of the Goats: A buddy of my mine was leaving post, and we thought we would give him a fond farewell by procuring four goats and chasing them down the sidewalk in an reenactment of Pomplona's running of the bulls. These four goats were decorated in traditional Afghan jingle truck fashion. Before we could set up the alley for the run, the Mission's security officers (I mean all of was a slow day security-wise) shut us down and forced us to remove the goats from the compound. We told security that we thought the goats were ok because the Gurkas were laughing when we brought them through gate. Furthermore, we took all the necessary security precautions by putting them through the metal detectors. Regardless, security did not want them on the our boss was somewhat pissed, and while hiding his chuckle told us to remove the goats. I am sure these are words he thought he would never utter. Once the goats were gone we drank until they us, at least. Just imagine several intoxicated people chasing four imaginary goats around the hooches. Again, a good time was had by all.

Bocce Ball with Leadership: After about 2 weeks of talking trash we took on leadership on a friendly game of bocce ball. In short we beat the hell out of them and they left the bocce ball court feeling shamed. All in all it was good day.

Well that is about it...there will be more to come shortly

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another happy birthday!

Our niece!:
Claire Sedona Vivio
July 5, 2009
5lbs 9oz
Congrats to Frank and Amy!