Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deadline shmeadline

Well, August 18th has come and gone. It has now been 91 days since Nick left for Afghanistan, and we are officially past the 90 day deadline for having the movers return to complete our pack out.

We haven't heard a peep from HR. Not a single word about a single one of our many questions. Nick pursued several different avenues while trying to find out what we're supposed to do with our belongings, about whether we'll be able to have the movers return once I'm added to Nick's travel orders (TA) or if we'll be responsible for the cost of packing our stuff and the 2 years of storage. All we got in response was one gibberish email that didn't answer the question....and then silence. Going on 3 weeks of silence.

Here is what Nick asked:
I am still waiting on details regarding my spouse accompanying me to post. But when she is assigned, what is the policy for having the movers come and pack her out and put the rest of our household-effects into storage, especially since it will most likely be 90 days after my pack out?

Here's the gibberish:
If after we see the original TA – we will see if it needs to be amended to bring your wife to post...With travel orders/TA packers cannot come and pack her out – think back the process you had to go through not to long ago yourself – paper work had to be in place before any pack out or communications with packers could take place.


Nick is hearing whispers from the HR office in Kabul that they've received notification of my clearance. But we've heard many whispers from HR over the past few months, and have learned not to believe anything they tell us until we have written proof in our hands.

At first I took comfort in the thought that we are having such a tough time with HR because of Nick's position. He's not really in the foreign service, and he's with USAID, who seem to get the short end of the support-for-overseas-posts stick anyway (at least compared to what State Department employees get). Then I came across this post on The Perlman Update, and discovered that we could be in for a lifetime of HR frustrations.

I'm curious: in large organizations, does HR ever function well?


  1. No it certainly doesn't!! Get ready to bang your head against the wall. It'll hurt like hell, but at least you have something to show for your efforts!

    Good luck!


  2. Good luck! One FSO coming out of Baghdad called HR neither a service nor human.

  3. @Anonymous: That's a great line. Totally stealing it.