Friday, August 14, 2009

Q&A: 2

Presenting the second installment of this semi-regular feature. Your burning questions answered!

1. How is Nick doing?
Nick is doing pretty well. He's had rough days here and there.

2. What exactly is he doing over there?
Something with data? Databases? Which maybe involve some international donors?

I really have no idea. Nick and I technically work in the same field, but the US Government and the World Bank speak completely different languages. I'm sure he does something fun and awesome and super-rewarding, but you'll have to ask Nick for the specifics.

3. How's he handling living in a hooch?
Funny thing that. Nick actually had to move out of his roomy double hooch into a regular single hooch. HR put him in the double hooch at first because they thought I'd be coming to Afghanistan right away. But I'm not there yet, and another couple arrived at post and needed the hooch...and so Nick was sent on his way.

His new hooch is a cozy, one room box, with bunk beds. He told HR that he can't have a roommate because he's got two peoples' stuff and needs the top bunk for storage.

I think that Nick's move (and the apparent shortage of housing for couples) does not bode well for our living situation once I am in-country. Married and sleeping in bunk beds? Fun times.

4. What's the status of your security clearance situation?
It seems that the investigators finished their work and submitted the final report some time in early August, although I don't have concrete proof that this has actually happened. Assuming that it has, we're now waiting for the adjudicators to make the determination as to whether I'm a threat to national security or not. The target completion date is August 28, but I've heard that the target date doesn't mean much.

5. Were you able to get an extension on the deadline for packing out your apartment?
We don't really know what's going on there. Nick emailed HR asking whether we would be held to the original deadline (90 days from Nick's date of departure = August 18th), or if the deadline would reset once his travel orders are amended to include me. We didn't get a clear response. We emailed again asking for clarification, but our contact had moved jobs. Nick has now emailed another person, and we're still waiting for a response.

At this point, I'm ready to just let it go. If we are held to the original 90 day deadline, it's too late to do anything about it. Not only do I think that it would be impossible to get the movers scheduled on such short notice., but there's no way I can get all of our stuff --including all of my belongings that have been living in storage in MD for the past 4 years -- ready for a pack out in 3 days.

6. Is the Embassy holding the job for you?
No clue.

7. When do you think you might be going over?
No clue.

8. Have you received any help or support or even just clear information from HR at all?
I think you can guess the answer to this one.....

9. What's Nick's daily life like?
I've been urging Nick to write a "day in the life" post. I hope that he'll get around to it soon, and then he can tell you all about it in his own words.

But here's a brief idea of my understanding of his daily life: wake up, call wife, go for a run, shower, icky breakfast food, workity work work, icky lunch food, meetings meetings meetings, icky dinner food, video games, talk to wife, go to bed.

10. When do you get to visit?
Ah, the $10,000 dollar question. Nick will be in the US from August 28-September 17. We're trying to make it so he can visit with everyone, but his schedule is pretty tight, and we might have to save a few of you for his next visit. Here's the plan thus far:
  • Aug 28-Sept 2: Washington DC
  • Sept 2-4: Naperville, IL
  • Sept 4-7: Lansing, MI
  • Sept 7-10: NYC
  • Sept 10-13: Washington DC with Chris & Jill (Attention DC folks: We'll be having a little get together on Saturday, Sept 12. Details coming soon!)
  • Sept 13-17: Washington DC

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