Monday, September 14, 2009

Hiding Out

I'm just popping in to reassure everyone that we're still alive. Nick's visit has been wonderful and weird and stressful and fantastic....and far too short. Just a few more days and then he gets back in the big tin that will take him away again. We've had wonderful visits with family and friends, eaten lots of good food, and enjoyed some much needed alone time. I'll be sure to post all about it after Nick heads back.

In other news.....The Powers That Be (henceforth referred to as TPTB) have decided that I am not a threat to national security after all. My clearance was approved on August 18; of course it took them two weeks to let us know!

We have no other information regarding my move to Kabul: no timelines, no information on next steps, no confirmation that the job they offered way back in April is still available. We've emailed HR four times in the two weeks since we were informed that my clearance had been approved, and have yet to receive any sort of response. I have a feeling that this is going to drag on for so long that by the time we have everything lined up for me to go, Nick's tour will be over.

At any rate, there's no need to worry that one day I'll be here and the next day I'll be on my way out of the country. The transition won't happen quite that quickly. Once I receive word from TPTB that everything is set for my departure, I'll give my 2 week's notice at the World Bank. Then I'll have to complete two weeks of mandatory government training (which I can't do until I leave the Bank, as I have very few leave days saved). So there will be at least a month of lag time --probably a little bit more -- between when TPTB clear me to go and when I actually get on the plane.

So no panicking -- you'll have lots of warning before it's time to plan my going away celebrations and bid me farewell.

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