Sunday, September 27, 2009

Truly a Fan

As I am writing this, it is 2:30 AM in Kabul -- or 0230 hours if you are in the military -- and I am up watching the Chicago Bears game. I am in full Bears' regalia : jersey, hat, and boxers. It took me the first half of the game just to find a way to watch the game, but was finally able to tune in using a wonderful program called sopcast. (Quick pause for a shout out to my brother Frank. Thanks for the Slingbox; though it failed me this time I am sure it will not do so in the future.)

All I can say that life in Kabul, like football, is a game of inches. I slowly crawl my way through work, tackling the tasks that come my way. Some days I need to dig deep just to make it through, but like a battered and bruised running back I make it into the end zone. The only sad part of my day is that my number one cheerleader is 6000 miles away and 8 and half hours behind and all I have waiting for me in my hooch at the end of my day is nice bottle of Scotch and a pipe (and yes I am pretentious). But I am surviving.

Anyways, short post...the Bears are a point ahead of the Seahawks and my midnight beer is getting warm.

Go Bears

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