Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How much do I love my husband?

Enough to tackle the most vile mess I have ever seen.

Nick's beloved grill will be joining the rest of our belongings in government storage. Nick is a grillmaster; the grill has been put to extensive use in the nearly 3 years we've lived in the condo. I have voraciously devoured countless meals of expertly grilled veggies (my favorites!), squeaky cheese, and meats of various types.

I would gladly forfeit all future grilled meals, if only for the reason that I refuse to ever do this again.

As a supplement to the Great Kabul Packout of 2009, I present, the Horrifying Grill Cleanout of 2009. The first time the grill has been cleaned since we bought it!

The starting point. The lid should be silver.
And yes, that is food stuck to the grate. And some grass.

The 1/2 inch layer of charcoaled food that lined the inside of the grill. I was actually able to pull this out in chunks with my hands.

Pulling out the charcoal. You can see a pile of it on the brick in the background as well.
Yeah, the gloves were toast after this.

Letting the degreaser do its work.

It took a good two hours, but the task is done. The grill still has a thin layer of grease covering it, but at least all of the charcoal and rancid food bits are gone.
I love you Nicky, and I love your cooking. I really do. But....never again, ok?! :-)

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  1. You were never around for the cleaning of the old fridge. Jessie would vouch for me that it was FAR more vile than the grill.

    See you in a few days. Love you!