Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stage 2 completed

I've arrived safe and sound in Kabul. I'll wait until I've settled in and can report back on the job front to fill you all in on the details of the trip and my first impressions of Afghanistan. But here are two random bits to keep you entertained in the until I have more to report:
  • It really is a small world. On my flight from DC to Dubai, I ended up sitting next to an Afghan gentleman who used to live in Delmar. He now lives in Clifton Park.

  • The bureaucratic snafus continued to the bitter end. For some reason I was left off of the Embassy's airport pickup list, and the motorpool left the airport without me. Moreover, the expediter wasn't looking for me -- because I wasn't on the list -- and wasn't waiting where I had been told to find him. So I was essentially stranded at the Kabul airport. Luckily a nice Kiwi diplomat noticed I looked lost and bewildered and came to my aid (he was the one who told me that the Embassy cars had left); he very kindly found the Embassy's expediter for me. Being left behind was a bit scary, but given the government's track record, really I'm not surprised that something went wrong.

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