Monday, November 2, 2009

We can't be shut down...well, yes we can

It was your typical Thursday night in Wonderland. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb decided to throw an immovable feast to celebrate a quadrilateral birthday, and invited every clam in town. Crammed in, we cranked the music, opened the beverages, and then opened the window. As the party rolled on, so did the Absinth Jell-O shots served by the Cheshire Cat. After a few hours the party was at full tilt and spilled out into the hallway. The shots turned from little cups to trays with spoons, but at that point we were down to grape Jell-O which are not as good but hey, no one complained.

Around midnight I decided to indulge a bad habit and have a cup of tea and a breath of fresh air with the Mad Hatter. With beverages in hand, we retreated through the rabbit hole to the back of the apartment complex. Just as we hit the foyer, the Queen of Hearts appeared, looking seriously displeased. The Queen had heard the ruckus from upstairs through the open windows, and the sound ricocheting off of the building across the way only amplified the noise. Hiding our tea behind our backs, the Queen questioned the Mad Hatter and I about the party, given an update of the grave situation in Wonderland, and were told to ‘shut it down.’ After the Queen departed we took the ‘blue pill,’ wheeled around and climbed back through the rabbit hole. We hit the feast at full speed; the Mad Hatter closed the windows and I turned off the music. We updated everyone on the Queen’s request. There was slight pause, and then the party disbursed.

The next day the Mad Hatter and I became the heroes of the day; without our intervention, the Queen of Hearts would have climbed through the rabbit hole to view the feast in person, and most likely would have shouted "Off with their heads!" And then the Tweedle Dummies would no longer be with us in Wonderland.

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  1. Next time maybe a quiet game of croquet should be the plan of action.

    Love MM