Monday, March 8, 2010

I've caught the travel bug...

..and it's kicking my ass.

Traveling to foreign countries and exotic lands is always an adventure. Staying healthy while enjoying the adventure can be a bit of a challenge. It's hard to remember to not open your mouth in the shower, to brush your teeth with bottled water, to stay away from fruits and vegetables that aren't peeled. And even if you're as careful as can be, it only takes one piece of contaminated meat, one undercooked piece of fish, and you're done for.

Nick and I ate our faces off in Singapore. We ate our faces off in Bali. Sushi, salads, fruits, steak tartare, all of it delicious, without any significant problems. Nick had a brief bout of GI trouble, but nothing serious.

After checking in for our departing flight out of Bali, we decided to treat ourselves to one last sushi feast at one of the airport's many Japanese restaurants. We shared a variety of different sashimi and nagiri, and I topped it off with an innocent looking seaweed salad.

Cut to twenty hours later, just as we're about to board our flight from Delhi to Kabul, and that innocent salad transformed into a raging monster. I went down. HARD. I'll spare you all the gory details, but let's just say that I became intimately acquainted with the bathroom on India Air flight 843.

I'm planning a long write up (likely to be delivered in several lengthy installments) of our whole trip, with pictures and video and the whole deal. But I think it'll have to wait until I've moved on from my current diet of rice and jello. I want my descriptions of all the wonderful food we ate to justice to its delicious-ness, but right now I can't even bear to look at the pictures.

So good going down; so vile coming up

I just came across an interesting chat on about the risks and pleasures of eating local and street foods while traveling abroad. I'm interested to see what camp all you readers (all 15 of you?) fall into. I'm definitely of the "screw the risks; I'll have what the locals are having" camp. Unfortunately that means occasionally paying the price. But damn, that seaweed was worth it.


  1. I don't mind risks, I have a tough stomach. So long as it's not meat or egg related, I'm there! And 15 readers is more than my blog, but of course, your blog is a lot more interesting! Can't wait to hear more about the vacay!

  2. We ignored med and ate street food in Jakarta but did listen to the LES and also our household staff about which were good places to eat and which to avoid. Also followed the rule if it isn't piping hot and you didn't see them cook it, don't eat it. I so completely miss SE Asian cuisine.