Friday, April 2, 2010


So I noticed this week that some of my pants are getting a little tight around the waist. Which is weird, because it used to be that all of my work pants were a little big on me and required belts. And oh, my belt. It feels a little tighter than it used to.

Today I put on my favorite jeans. They're tight too.


So I'm either in a perpetual state of bloat (which is possible; something in the food or water here bothers my stomach) or I'm gaining weight. I hope hope hope hope that the first possible cause is the culprit, but I have a sinking feeling that it's the latter.

Life in Kabul is starting to get the best of me. I'm working incredibly long hours, which means I've been coming home too late and too tired and too fed up with everything to work out. I've been trying to eat as healthful meals as possible. But when I crash in the afternoon I've been reaching for chocolates, candies, too large servings of nuts, and cookies. I've been stress eating in the afternoons and evenings. Thirty minutes after I finish dinner I'm hungry again, and spend the rest of the night grazing. I've even fallen off the soda wagon, although luckily I've kept some semblance of common sense, limiting myself to diet coke.

Last but not least, I've been overindulging every time I have the opportunity to eat non D-FAC food. Last night it was Lebanese and Indian. This morning it was brunch, where in spite of my intentions to not eat chametz during Passover, I not only ate some leavened bread but a whole mini baguette, a chocolate croissant, and half of a fig pastry. Plus butter. And juice. And two lattes. And a whole damn omelet. 4.5 hours later and I'm STILL full. Yep, overindulgence at its finest.

I see a very bad pattern starting to form, and I say it stops here. I have to do something to commit myself to getting back on track.

So I'm putting these promises out there so that all of you can hold me accountable. From now on I will:
  • Work out Mon-Weds & Fri-Sat
  • Bring one serving of a healthy snack from home each day to get me through the afternoon (no more big bags of almonds in the desk drawer)
  • Pretend as if my office's candy drawer does not exist (which is near impossible to do considering it's right next to the printer)
  • No more snacking on goodies at night. If I absolutely must eat, I will limit myself to either fruit or plain popcorn
  • I will try to stop overindulging on non D-FAC foods. Best I can offer at the moment.

This place is doing everything it can to take me down. Time is sneaking up on me too , as my 20s come to a close in just over one month. I refuse refuse refuse to let either of them win.

PS update: I'm off to a good start. I just finished a strong 6 mile run (3 outside, 3 on the treadmill. Who decided it was ok for it to rain on a Friday, our one day off?!)

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