Saturday, June 19, 2010

They say it's your birthday

Last year Nick celebrated his birthday -- his 30th birthday! -- all by himself in Kabul.

OK, so he wasn't quite all alone. Thanks to a little birdie, his colleagues knew it was his birthday, but he'd only been in Kabul for a few weeks. So he hadn't grown close to anyone yet, and in spite of his friends' efforts he spent most of the day feeling lonely and throwing himself a pity party.

I wanted to make up for that this year, and although a big blowout bash wasn't in the cards, a pizza party certainly was!

So last Thursday night we ordered in a ton of pizzas from a local restaurant, and served them up al fresco at the fire pit, with plenty of beer and wine. The pizza was....a little weird, with some pinkish mystery meat on the pepperoni. It was better than most of the DFAC's food, but a far cry from the delicious Chicago deep dish we were enjoying just a few short weeks ago.

The birthday boy indulging in 3 of his favorite vices: food, beer and smokes.
And doing it all at once, with one hand.
An impressive display of skill.

Another indulgence: one of the Kabul kitties.

Yes, we had jello shots. Apparently not everyone was a fan.

We also had chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies.

A quick note on the cookies. I had wanted to make Nick's favorite brownie -- Toad's chocolate-stuffed peanut butter brownies -- but completely forgot to carry the necessary ingredients back with me from the states. The cookies were the best chocolate-PB combo I could make with limited supplies.

We also had smores.

And cake. Stacy is our neighbor, whose birthday was also last week.

And lots and lots to drink.

It was a long, fun, rather intoxicated night. The next morning I woke up to make a special birthday breakfast: pancakes and bacon.

Just what the birthday boy wanted!

The rest of the day was spent browsing the bazaar, napping, and playing video games. A perfect day in Nick's world.

Happy Birthday Nicky!


  1. So, where do you get fresh strawberries in Afghanistan?

    Love MMM

  2. Thinking of you today...

    Lots of hugs! And I hope you guys have/had a happy Fourth!

  3. MMM-- You think I actually made that cake?! :-)

    The cake came from the bakery at the Serena Hotel. I'll have a post up about it (the hotel, not the cake) soon.

    Kolbi-- Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the 4th in DC. It's one of the days I actually love living in DC.