Monday, September 20, 2010


That's "hello" in Turkish. Thus far the trip is great. We just finished the lllooonnnggg drive from Pamukkale (which was really beautiful at sunset and not at all as touristy as I had feared) to Goreme in Cappadocia. Thus far we've seen ruins, cats, ruins, road, ruins, the biggest nothingness I've ever seen (the Anatolian plateau) and more ruins. Loads of pictures to share later on, and lots of stories -- about the shortcut through the industrial park, the shortcut on the dirt road, the motorcyclist we almost killed at a tollbooth. Road trips are always an adventure.

Off to bed soon. Tomorrow is a long day of mountain biking and hiking. But before I go, here's a quick photo of our trip. And yes, it's of ruins.

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