Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you know Dubai?

This post is completely self-serving.

I'm working on all of the logistics for our upcoming R&R to the States. We will spend one night in Dubai on our return trip. Our only requirements for the hotel are:
  • close to the airport
  • close to a grocery store that's open until at least midnight.

This is where you, lovely readers, come in. Are any of you in-the-know on Dubai grocery stores? Can you recommend a hotel that meets our requirements?*

*By the way, we already tried the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza hotels at Dubai Festival City. The Crowne Plaza has no vacancies, and the Intercontinental is over our per diem by about $500!


  1. The JW Marriott is near the airport and I saw a Carrefour just down the block when the car took us in. Complimentary ride from the airport too!

    We asked the concierge if, the next time, we could store a cooler of frozen goods at one of the restaurants and they said no problem. I'd call to check again though.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Am I correct in assuming that the Carrefour you went to was at the Deira City center?

  3. That's the one! However, haven't been inside that particular Carrefour. Judging from my experiences with the chain elsewhere in Europe and Dubai, it will be pretty good though.

  4. Hi Liz! My brother Jonathan is living in Abu Dhabi right now and has been to Dubai a few times, I'll have to ask him as well. :-)