Sunday, October 3, 2010


We've been home for just under a week. My tummy troubles have returned. The work-related stress is back, just as if we never left.

The vacation glow lasted all of two days. Le sigh.

I think this time around will disprove my theory that I'm more motivated to write in the blog just after we return from leave. I'm working on a post recapping our trip to Turkey, but you all saw how my trip report from Bali and Singapore worked out. And I was in much better spirits then.

But there are lights at the end of the tunnel: the Marine Ball on November 5, a trip back to the States five days later, a good friend's wedding and Thanksgiving with our families...and of course, Budapest. We're trying hard not to put all of our hope eggs in the Budapest basket, but it's hard not to be excited.

8 months to go.