Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where I'm at

My brain is totally fried and just a little pickled and unable to form coherent sentences. There's been lots of drama this week.

In case you haven't heard, President Karzai is playing a very dangerous game of chicken with the international donor community.** I worked 17 hours on Wednesday; I got to the office while my USAID colleagues in DC were just going to bed and left the office at the same time DC staffers were heading out for happy hour. Nick worked 14 hours on Thursday. Today is Friday (our one day off each week, in case you forgot), and I'm getting ready to go to a 4pm meeting. Therefore I'll just post some pictures in response to this week's Foreign Service Blog Roundup theme "Where are you now?", and let the New York Times do the talking for me.

My field trip to the Kabul Women's Garden

**Update: Yeah....the DAI project mentioned in this CNN article and this NYT article....yeah, I'm involved in that project. Holy tenous situation, Batman.


  1. Your post has been included in the weekly State Department Blog Round Up

    Thanks for your wonderful contribution!

  2. I hope this garden project succeeds. It sounds like a little piece of heaven.

  3. It was truly amazing to see what the workers have accomplished in just a few months. They only started restoration in March! And the grand opening is in just a few weeks.

    I know that USAID is tackling much bigger issues in Afghanistan right now (starving children, illiteracy, polio, drought) and that a women's park seems inconsequential in comparison. But seeing this slice of green where women can interact freely was truly uplifting.

  4. A true oasis. We don't know how lucky we are.