Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picture pages p.II

Hong Kong is cool.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm writing this from Hong Kong? We have a sweet hotel room in Causeway Bay. We've walked our legs off and stuffed our bellies full of....well, everything! The great thing about Hong Kong is that they have pretty much anything we want to eat. Chinese food? Yes (although they just call it "food" here. Heh.) French food? Yes. Pizza? Yes. There's even a Ruby Tuesdays and an Outback Steakhouse. Although I don't think I could get homesick enough to possibly want either of those! We've been here for 2.5 days, and so far we've had chili crab, spicy pork chops, sauteed green beans, hot dogs, egg custard tart, sausage roll, sushi, mochi, sweet potato fries (at an "authentic" Chicago bar, no less), dim sum, shawarma, waffles with berries, a sausage and egg skillet, banh mi, and kaya toast. And now I'm on the hunt for more Pepto Bismol. We also found a BLT Steak, a sister restaurant of one of Nick's favorite restaurants back in DC. We didn't go, but maybe we'll go back for a treat. Right now all I really want is a salad.

Mostly we've just spent a lot of time doing what we always seem to do when on leave from Kabul, which is walk. A lot. know, we can here. And we can't in Kabul. We've walked through lots of malls. Had a few drinks -- including a few courtesy of a drunk British expat in Wanchai. HK, at least the HK island side, is full of expats. Tons of them. A their kids too. I am very curious about expat kids because chances are we'll end up with one ourselves. I have to admit I kind of like the idea of raising a kid who is independent and world-wise and capable of wandering the streets of HK, or any other foreign city.

On a funny note, since the drinking age in HK is 18, the expat kids were out in force last night. It seems the cool thing to do is buy beers and wine coolers from the 7-11 (yet another little taste of home that I don't really miss!) and stand in the street in Lan Kwai Fong and drink. We tried it out. It wasn't that fun. I think this means we're getting old.

As opposed to the last two nights, this evening we've been chilling in our hotel room, recharging our batteries for our early morning excursion to a bar in Soho where we will be watching the Bears game. At 4:30AM. Nick really loves the Bears. And I must really love my husband.

So it's off to bed for us. But as we collect even more vacation photos from an incredible location, I'll leave you with some picture pages of what we got up to while on leave in November, as well as over the holidays back in Kabul.

Nick doing his best sherpa imitation in Tampa, after 32 hours of travel

Reunited with Chrissy, my college roommate, in Sarasota

Getting a little vitamin D therapy in Sarasota

With grandma in Chapel Hill

Everything with a shmear at Ess-a-Bagel in NYC

Breakfast blintz.

I said goodbye to my beloved Chucks, which had walked me through no less than 5 countries. And then promptly bought a new pair.

Our holiday corner. We did both a latke party and Christmas dinner.

The Embassy received it's very first visit from the USO tour -- we had Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong, and Lewis Black, seen here with Nick.

Christmas breakfast. Thanks again for the egg casserole recipe Mom X!

Nick and I organized dinner for 40 Embassy staffers. Cleanup is a pain when you don't have a dishwasher!

My boss and colleague. We love our jobs!

Compared to last year, New Years at the Embassy was really very boring. Although thanks to Nick and me, everyone was accessorized in the appropriate fashion.

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  1. I love Hong Kong! It looks like you guys have found ways to enjoy life off and on post. Great pics!