Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change in Plans

Note: Original post edited to reflect updates to available posts

We're back in Kabul, Sweet Kabul, after a relaxing, filling, and nearly perfect trip to Hong Kong. I'll finish reporting on what we ate, saw, and did during our trip soon. But first, some news.

The morning of our very last day in Hong Kong, Nick received an email from USAID HR informing him that due to the restructuring of USAID missions worldwide, his position in Budapest had been cancelled. So we will not be going there after completing our tour in Afghanistan, and have to re-enter the bidding process. Great way to end the vacation, right?

So we're back in limbo, looking at the positions on the bid list that are still available. We still get priority bidding, but we're bidding on what's left after the list has gone through several cycles and many of the positions have already been filled.

With that said, I'm hoping that some of the Diplo/expat types who read this blog might be able to provide some opinions on the locations that are still available. I've checked Real Post Reports on all of these, but many of the countries haven't been updated in four or more years. And I know that things can change a lot in that time, especially for expat quality of life.

With that said, here's what we're looking at thus far, in no particular order:
  • Ukraine
  • Armenia
  • Kosovo (I would really love to get current info on Pristina!)
  • Sri Lanka
  • West Bank/Gaza (living in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem)
  • Ecuador
  • Kenya
  • Philippines
  • Tanzania (Maryam and Denyse, I know you'll have lots to say about this one!)

So, fellow expat bloggers, any thoughts?


  1. Oh that stinks! I wish I had info for you on any of those. Every blog I see about Ecuador and the Philippines makes me want to go there though. Good luck with (re)bidding.

  2. Hey Liz - I lived in Tel Aviv for 2yrs and travelled in and out of Jerusalem quite a bit while I was there. Spent some time in the West Bank, none in Gaza (for obvious reasons) - if you have any questions about living in Israel you're welcome to email me offline at sassandsweet@gmail.com - Tel Aviv was pretty fabulous with all the creature comforts. Except Kraft Mac'n'Cheese ... - Rachel/SassAndSweet

  3. what happened to Mongolia...I don't see it on the list any more. Love MM

  4. I read up on Mongolia on Real Post Reports, and it sounds a little like the Wild, Wild West. We're up for roughing it, but not coming out of Kabul. Maybe next time around.

  5. Feel free to email me for info on Sri Lanka. I was there with State from 08-09.