Monday, February 14, 2011

Gray skies are gonna clear up

It rained for two days straight last week (the higher altitudes got snow), and when the precipitation finally stopped we were treated to a day full of lovely blue skies and blissfully clean air! Very kindly, the Embassy gave USG personnel permission to take pictures of Kabul and the surrounding mountains from the roof of one of the compound's buildings.

So here's what the view looks like from a roof at the US Embassy least on the very rare occasion of a pollution-free day! Credit for all of the photos (except the one of Nick and me) goes to my colleague Robert, whose camera kicks my camera's butt.

This is the infamous high-dive pool at the top of Bibi Mahru hill,
which the Taliban once used for executions.

This is one of the many wedding halls in Kabul. Weddings are big business here, and at night the neon lights from the wedding halls glow like the Vegas strip (although we rarely see them due to the pollution).

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  1. It really is beautiful around there. Too bad the pollution makes it so hard to see.