Monday, May 23, 2011

Kabul Randomness

Things that have happened since we've been back from Australia:

  • a good sized earthquake

  • three Duck & Cover alarms, only one of which was for a real attack (the attack on the military hospital). The other two seem to have been false 12:30am and 1am.

  • I got recruited to join yet another working group, even though I told the chair that I'm only going to be in Kabul for 17 more days

  • I turned 31

  • I "made out" with a man who is not my husband, while my husband watched........I was in a play, people! Get your minds out of the gutter.

  • I walked out of my apartment yesterday morning and ran into Ambassador Todd (one of the five Ambassadors here). He was walking with 3-star General Allyn (A3), P4's replacement. A3 was trailed by a few 1-star generals. I chatted with Ambassador Todd as we walked toward the Embassy, where a squad of Marines was waiting for a meet & greet with A3. Just as we reached the Marines, P4 himself (and his squad of escorts) came running around the corner, out for his morning run. Then Ambassador Wayne came out of the Embassy. To recap, I started my morning yesterday surrounded by a 4-star, a 3-star, a few 1-stars, and two Ambassadors. Quite the nexus of power....and only in Kabul.

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