Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Elizabeth, on her 31st birthday

I would like to have written a long and reflective -- or at least short and funny -- post on the occasion of my 31st birthday. Alas I am too busy being a communications officer/program officer/program manager (only one of which is actually my job) to eke out more than a few words.

So much for my grand plan of extracting myself from my job in anticipation of departing post (23 sleeps)! I thought I was so smart: Nick and I would go on a nice, long 3-week leave, returning to Kabul with only 30 days left to go in our assignment. We'd already be out of the loop after being away for such a long time, so we would simply make it a point NOT to get back in the loop in order to focus our attention on departing post.

But the best laid plans.....

Anyway, I have pictures and notes galore to share about our Australia trip. I have my fingers crossed that I'll have time to get them up before we depart post. But at this rate, the odds are not good. Right now, I'm just hoping that I'll make it out of the office tonight in time and with enough energy remaining to enjoy my own birthday party.

Off to write my 3,756th email of the day.

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