Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brain, please be quiet

Things about which I am worrying right at this moment:

  • the prospect of signing a short-term lease on an apartment, sight unseen

  • how to keep from going crazy with boredom spending every day by myself while Nick is in language training and all of my friends are at work

  • the fact that come Saturday I am unemployed

  • becoming overwhelmed by being back in the states and overindulging on groceries, new clothing, dinners out at restaurants, going to plays/movies, etc

  • what percentage of our belongings we shipped home from Kabul will arrive in DC intact. The movers already broke one of our big pieces of furniture while packing us out.

  • the horrible guilt over leaving so much work undone, so many goals unaccomplished, and so much additional work on my colleagues' shoulders

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