Friday, June 10, 2011


I thought I'd have something epic and poetic to say about leaving Kabul. Leaving here is all I've wanted for months. I thought I'd be tap dancing for joy, and that Nick I would go out in a blaze of party glory...just as we've sent off so many friends before.

Instead, I'm just.....kind of numb. And pretty much speechless.

There was no blaze of party glory. Just a regular Thursday night at the D&C, and a Friday night spent tossing our unused consumables into boxes for people to pick through in the morning.

Nick and I cracked open the two bottles of wine we saved from our wedding. We drank, we packed, we watched a little TV. I tried not to think about how much money we're throwing away in unused consumables.

And then tomorrow it's done. Breakfast, lunch, and then we leave. And life in Kabul will go on without us. With the high rate of turnover, pretty soon there won't be anyone here who remembers us ever being at post.

I'm sure the emotion and shock of the change will hit me later, and then the words will come spilling out, whether I want them to or not. But for right now, all I can really thinks or say is....I can't believe it's ending.


  1. blogwalking, good luck bro ...

  2. Good luck with everything. There must be a lot to process as you leave and in the weeks to come. Thinking of you.

  3. You're not throwing away money with your unused're being generous to those who remain in Kabul. They will benefit, just as you benefited when others left you their consumables. So glad you're back stateside! Love mm