Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boxed in

After spending the past week unpacking, sorting, cleaning, washing and stowing away all 2400 lbs of belongings that Nick and I put into storage in DC when we went to Kabul, I was all ready to take today to finally write a nice blog post about what we've been up to since we've been back in the US of A. The house was organized enough for Nick and me to get by, and most of the huge pile of moving detritus had been Freecylced to a new home. I would finally have a little time to write.

And then this happened.

And that's only some of what is now stowed in our apartment.

Yesterday we were contacted by the moving company to tell us that they would deliver our 400 lbs of unaccompanied baggage (UAB, ie mostly clothing) this afternoon.

Today at 9:30 am they showed up with our 2700 lbs of everything (UAB + our 2300 lbs of household effects [HHE for those of you who like acronyms]). Which two guys unloaded from one truck in about 2 hours 90 F heat that feels like it's 110 F.

Bye bye nice long blog post. Hello box cutters.

Oh, and if you call and I don't pick up my phone......

....please send help. I'm probably trapped at the bottom of a pile of butcher paper, choking on mouthfulls of Kabul dust.

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  1. The blog is really great. Hope you won’t choke on Kabul dust. It seems that now you got to do a lot of unpacking. Well, best of luck for that. Hope all your belongings reach your home safely & nothing gets damaged. All the best for your life ahead!