Monday, September 26, 2011

Procrastination Station

As you may have noticed, it's been a little while since I posted in the blog. I meant to update earlier, I swear! I've just been busy.

No, ok. Really, I've been procrastinating. And there's a fourfold reason I haven't written since the end of August.

First, I actually have been really busy with school and getting settled in NYC. My professors assign A LOT of reading, which I usually try to get out of the way while on the Bolt Bus thereby using up the time I usually dedicate to blog writing. Getting settled in my apartment took a little while; I've discovered that it takes about 10 minutes longer to get an errand done in NYC then it does in DC. It's very strange. But I'm all moved in now (thanks again to Jen for babysitting the truck and to Steve for helping move bookcases!) so I can no longer use that as an excuse for not updating.

On a side note, my apartment has space for an air mattress or two. So friends and family, feel free to hit me up if you need a place to crash in NYC!

Second, the 10 year anniversary of September 11 and the attack on the US Embassy in Kabul just two days later put me in a weird head space for a solid week. I really wanted to write something profound about it all in the blog, but found myself unable to articulate exactly what I was feeling. Which led to not writing in the blog at all.

Third, I've been trying to establish new routines, both daily and weekly. I'm not doing so great with the new daily routine. Without regular job hours around which to organize my life, I'm finding it very difficult to structure my days. All of my classes are at from 6-9pm, meaning that I have a lot of time to get my schoolwork and errands done. Really too much time. I end up wasting a lot of it trying to figure out the best way to organize my day. I find organizing my life much easier to do when I have set work hours. When I know that I have only my lunch break to get errands done and so must prioritize accordingly and then whatever is most important gets done and I can't worry about the rest of it.

The weekly routine is...ok. I'm managing my work fine, but the social life is another issue. I am free during the day but busy at night, which is the exact opposite schedule of all of my friends. And the nights when I am free -- namely the weekend -- I'm in DC. So I very much feel as if I'm juggling two lives, but I'm not really living in either of them. And then Nick (who is doing awesome in Spanish!) and I are trying to find yet another new normal routine, as we try to cram in a week's worth of togetherness into 3.5 days.

Lastly, I procrastinated on writing in the blog because I'm honestly not sure what to do with it right now. As the title and subtitle indicate, I started this blog to share with our families and friends (and current/future diplofamilies) our experience of' living and working overseas as part of the US diplomatic corps. I did not start this blog to share the rather boring details about the life of an NYU graduate student. I could ask Nick to take over posting duties, since he will actually be going global in a few short months. But you can see from the archives that this blog has pretty much been my pet project since day one. I could write about my days, but that'll get old pretty quick ("Today I read a lot. A lot A LOT. And I wrote some. And then I went to class. The end.")

Thus, I procrastinated on writing in the blog because 1)I mostly didn't know to write about, and 2) I didn't know how to write about the few things I did want to write about.

Still with me?

I'm open to receiving suggestions on what this blog should be about for the next two years, until the Liz of "Nick and Liz Go Global" is global once again. Until I join Nick in Cairo, maybe I should rename it "Nick Goes Global, Liz Goes to the Library...again"...