Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All quiet on the NYC front

I guess these days it takes some sort of disaster to get me to post on this blog.  Riots, hurricanes and whatnot.

So, I survived Sandy relatively unscathed.  My neighborhood, the East Village, wasn't quite as lucky.  The EV was hit hard by the wind and the storm surge.  Currently the neighborhood has no power, no steam heat, and many buildings have no water.  More troubling is the lack of cell/4G service in the area.  I didn't realize I was cut off from the world until about 11am Tuesday after the storm, which meant that Nick and my family were getting pretty worked up about my safety since I hadn't checked in to say I was ok.  Once the morning rain passed I hopped on my bike and headed for midtown seeking power and a cell signal for my phone, although I did take a detour to survey the damage to the East Village.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  You can take a look for yourself at the flooding that occurred during the storm, as well as the massive substation explosion about 5 blocks from my house that probably caused a lot of the blackouts.  Sandy did a number to my neighborhood.

NYT: Sandy Hits the East Village (photos)

After finding power and a cell signal at a Cosi at 37th and 7th Ave, my bike ride back home took me past Sundaes & Cones, which was giving out free ice cream since it was melting anyway.  That was a nice treat on a rather grim day.  After discovering I had no hot water in my apartment and therefore no hot showers (duh, Liz, no power=no water heater), I decided to decamp from the East Village and head for the warmth/power/hot water/cell service of Brooklyn.  I can live without power, but I draw the line at ice cold showers.

Which takes me to now.  I've been hanging out with friends in the BK (which never lost power) since Tuesday afternoon.  School is canceled until Monday, and I won't have work until I have power in my apartment (the theater where I work is 2 blocks from my apartment).  But I will be braving the transit nightmare tomorrow to make my way back to my apartment.   I have a what's sure to be a very stinky fridge & freezer to clean out.  And I need clean clothes. there anyone who is reading this blog who lives in Brooklyn and needs an additional passenger to meet the 3 person minimum to get across one of the East River bridges tomorrow?