Friday, July 5, 2013


So, as you've all probably heard by now, some stuff went down in Egypt on Wednesday.  A military coup?  A democratic revolution? The answer depends on who you ask.

But whatever you call it, all it took for the US government to pull the ripcord and turn the voluntary evacuation into an ordered evacuation was the sight of military vehicles on the streets of Cairo.  All nonessential US diplomatic personnel are now departing the country, leaving behind a core group to tend to the $1.5 billion in foreign assistance* the US currently provides to Egypt...and Nick is part of that core group.

Thus, today finds him still in Cairo, one of the last men standing, confined to chilling in our apartment until given further instruction.  He is safe, if not just a bit stir crazy.  Our neighborhood of Ma'adi remains mostly quiet, and our apartment complex remains walled and guarded.  We don't know when or even if he'll be sent home, and we still don't know whether or how this affects my joining him in Cairo in September.  Evacuations of US government employees are conducted on 30 day cycles, so the current evacuation will last until August 3rd or so.  At that time the US government will evaluate whether the country is stable enough to allow staff and their families to return.  If the government decides Egypt is still too dangerous, diplomatic personnel will be out for another 30 days..and now we're into early September.

I'll be honest and confess that I am making contingency plans in my head, just in case I'm not allowed to go to Cairo on September 10th: rescind my notice at work, try to get my landlord to let me go to a month to month lease, etc.  There are just so many pieces to this puzzle, and neither Nick nor I have control over most of them.

What I wouldn't give for the gift of foresight right now...

*Only $172 million is economic/development assistance; the rest is military.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Best wishes to both you and Nick! Ann Exline Starr